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A trained, versatile vocalist who can mold his sound to excel in many different genres. If you are looking for something different and exciting to add another layer to your track then Pete is the vocalist for you.

Pete is able to offer a number of different approaches to your collaborations ranging from writing lyrics and vocal melody’s to an instrumental track, or to sing with precision on an already composed piece. He is always happy to discuss options with the creator and find one that best suits their end goal.


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Keith Dombrowski

"Pete is not only a talented vocalist, he is just a fantastic person.  Every conversation we have had about music or otherwise has been insightful and engaging. Pete really understands music and treats every song he works on with utmost care. He is happy to make sure the end result is of the highest caliber and he puts so much work into what he does.  Easily one of my favorite vocalists that I have ever had the pleasure of collaborating with.

Pete is a very unique vocalist being a Sopranist and can do things vocally that even his female counterparts struggle with. This is just the beginning for our work together. I plan on making sure he is a part of every project I do in some way shape or form. Working with Pete has made me a better musician pushing myself to write even more complex vocals to fit his style. Anyone looking for a vocalist for their music would be blessed to get a chance to work with Pete."


Oha Cade

As a composer and songwriter myself, working with Pete is such a pleasure. Not only does he have the gift of a powerful voice, but he's also very technically knowledgeable and emotionally intuitive when it comes to expressing the music. He is full of wonderful ideas and his commitment to creating the best art possible is extraordinary. Any musician would be lucky to collaborate with a talent like him and I certainly look forward to our next venture!


Adrian Benegas

“Great singer, great person. I love to work with Pete. Not only because he is an incredible performer but also, because of his very unique voice. Proud of being his solo project songwriter”


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© 2023 Pete Rawcliffe - All Rights Reserved. Website created using Love Anarchy Entrepreneur.