Sopranist & Vocal Coach


The Long Drive (Single) Is Out Now!

The second single from my upcoming debut solo album "H.E.R - Hiding Every Reminder", featuring music by Adrian Benegas.


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Sopranist & Vocal Coach

Pete Rawcliffe is a vocalist from Devon, in the South West of England, known for his distinct Sopranist voice. Pete is accomplished in a range of styles, but is best known for his work in the Symphonic Metal genre, primarily as the frontman of Crown Solace, as well as with many other prestigious projects.

Pete loves to work with others, be it in collaboration in music, or with his other passion - teaching, mentoring & helping other vocalists holistically to get the most out of their potential.


Holistic Vocal Coaching

Pete is a well trained and experienced vocal coach that can offer a wealth of different approaches to his students to suit their learning needs.

Every new student benefits from an initial consultation as well as continuing support even outside of lessons. Once you become a student of Petes you access his inner circle with the possibility to learn, create and release music together!


Let's Work Together!

A trained, versatile vocalist who can mold his sound to excel in many different genres. If you are looking for something different and exciting to add another layer to your track then Pete is the vocalist for you.

Pete is able to offer a number of different approaches to your collaborations ranging from writing lyrics and vocal melody’s to an instrumental track, or to sing with precision on an already composed piece. He is always happy to discuss options with the creator and find one that best suits their end goal.


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© 2023 Pete Rawcliffe - All Rights Reserved. Website created using Love Anarchy Entrepreneur.